Our Program

After the Rain

Who are the Women of ATR?

Last Chance for Many

Many of the women at ATR women are “court-ordered,” recently released from jail, or homeless and seek After the Rain because of its high recovery success rates. With an intense-structured program, Beverly must perform interview assessments of all potential roommates to ensure each woman is a compatible fit with current residents.

Designed to Succeed

Residents are required to sign a contract to abide by strict house rules, rent payment, random drug testing and time curfews. Everyone is encouraged to complete their education, must be actively pursuing a job and leave the home every morning, seeking employment.

Unmatched Results

The primary goal is to assist these women, help them resume some normalcy in their lives, return to society, family and sometimes regain custody of their children.

Upon graduation, women leave being of “Sound Body, Mind and Soul.”

Building Character

Creating a Future

Resident Responsibilities

All residents are required to attend outside twelve (12) step meetings and obtain a sponsor. In house “family meetings” are held weekly to address issues related to day to day living in the AFTER THE RAIN OF SW FLORIDA, INC home.

Residents also enjoy recovery outings, spiritual retreats, recovery celebrations, conferences and conventions. The women are to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol, as well as submit to random drug screenings.

Women are encouraged to continue their residency as long as they deem necessary to build a strong foundation; there are no maximum lengths of stay. The women pay rent weekly and must follow house rules.

Employment and Education

Every resident is required to obtain full-time employment. Employment coaching, job search support and job placement assistance is provided. Residents are also afforded the opportunity to pursue their educational goals. GED classes and financial assistance are available, depending on the individual’s needs. Support and services are provided to access grants and scholarships for college attendance.

Healing Relationships

Family Issues

Recognizing the fact that addiction is a family issue, “ATR” provides family support. Families are welcomed and encouraged to take part in their family member’s recovery. Residents are also encouraged to attend outside parenting classes wherein they can examine how substance abuse has hindered their parenting skills and abilities. In these classes, women are taught how to improve their parenting skills and address their issues such as anger, guilt, communication, self-esteem, discipline, self-worth and respect, etc.